Happy Dreamer Gathering

“Hey all Malaysia artists and art lovers, we are having a party!”

Creative Volts is organizing the first local art community gathering on July 25th, 2015 (Saturday), 11am – 1pm, at the Chatime Galleria Bandar Puteri Puchong branch. Spend RM10 nett for a pearl milk tea drink to get your entry pass on the spot.

There is going to be an “Art Gathering/Social” to share ideas, talk art, and connect with other artists in the area! So please pass the word as everyone is welcome!

It is so great to see and hear about what everyone is doing in their own creative areas! Remember to bring your business cards or information on your next event you would like to share!

There will be information about this years and the future collaboration on how Creative Volts bridging the gaps between your dreams and reality too! Along with information about the next Art social, and up coming art shows, so mark your calendar and be apart of the arts in the area!

Please invite anyone you may know who would like to join and meet other artists! Cheers~

WAAT 1.0: Books Bartering & Art Market @ Sin Chew Daily HQ

“<好书交享阅>反应热 • 捐书换书 • 满载而归!” 迈入第三年的“好书交享阅”二手书活动,吸引不少爱书人络绎不绝前来八打灵再也星洲日报文化厅选书、捐书和换书,并从书海中找到自己的心头爱。 新闻全文(一):http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/1429727 新闻全文(二):http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/1430746

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Interview: A Platform For Creative Marketing

“A platform for creative marketing…”

Art does not pay until the artist has passed on. Of course there are exceptions but they are few and far between. So for a young artist like Lim Chuan Xuan, relying solely on his creations to make ends meet may not be the best option. Creative projects that pay reasonably well are hard to come by and as a result, many Malaysian commercial designers and illustrators are forced to take on a second job. There also are occasions when clients do not pay up. But now there may be a way out for our creative minds. Three individuals who hold full-time jobs in the creative industry in Malaysia have come up with a plan to help their fellow artists.

The trio – Tey Keng Guan, Katherine Low and Abner Yap – have set up Creative Volts (CV), a website for professional artists to showcase their portfolios for commercial project collaborations. Tey, Low and Abner were spurred to set up CV by the bureaucratic issues faced by Malaysian artists. The objective is to enable these artists to showcase their works to companies that are looking for creative artworks for branding and advertising. The website acts like a platform for the artists to vie for jobs in the market. The CV website is not entirely a new idea. It is based on the Behance website that brings together creative professionals from around the world. Ultimately, the aim is to help artists raise their profile, get more jobs and therefore increase their income for doing what they love to do.

On the CV website (http://creativevolts.com.my/) is a compilation of portfolios of Malaysian creative professionals comprising designers, photographers, illustrators and artisans of handiwork. “It was just meant to be a Pinterest-like website to highlight the students’ artworks. After a while Abner suggested we should start a website to publicise the artworks of local talents for free. The idea is to promote them to private enterprises, with the objective of making their work commercially viable,” Tey says.

Special thanks to June Moh. Read the full story on pages 12-13, That’s Life in the issue 101 of Focusweek.