WAAT 1.0: Drawing Attention To Endangered Species

KUALA LUMPUR: The quickest way to raise awareness on the need to protect endangered species is through vibrant and emotive art pieces.

The “We Are All Together” (WAAT) campaign founder Tey Keng Guan said such pieces attract immediate attention, especially when tear drops are added to the drawing. When children see the tear drop, they will naturally ask why the animals are crying. And adults will then have to explain why the animals are distressed.

“This is how we plan to raise awareness on 12 endangered species in Malaysia,” said Tey who initiated the WAAT campaign last year together with partner Abner Yap. About 100 drawings and 45 sculptures of the 12 endangered animals in Malaysia are on display at the foyer. The endangered species are the ta­­pir, shark, mousedeer, rhinoceros, proboscis monkey, hornbill, Malayan tiger, pangolin, sun bear, Asian elephant and turtle and orang utan.

WWF Malaysia conservation director Dr R. Sundari said using creative artwork could be effective in driving home the urgent need to protect cri­tically endangered species. She also announced the first ever shark theme run in Malaysia, the “Fintastic Fun Run” to be held in Penang on Oct 16. Shark Savers Malaysia leader Jonn Lu said sharks had survived on this earth for 450 million years. But human beings posed the greatest threat to their survival today.

Berjaya Times Square executive director Ms Koh Huey Min said it was a pleasure working with renowned animal conservation organisations to raise awareness on the beauty and wonders of Mother Nature. She said customers who spend RM200 in maximum two transactions on the same day could take home a limited edition tapir sculpture.

News Source: www.thestar.com.my

WAAT 1.0: Shark Fin Soup Tied to Weddings but More Than Half Surveyed Are Willing To Replace With Alternatives

7 April, Kuala Lumpur: WWF-Malaysia’s Asian City Shark Fin Consumer Survey 2015 reveals that consumption of shark fin soup is strongly tied to celebrations such as weddings (85%). The majority of consumers (57%) responded that it would be acceptable to replace shark fin soup with alternatives at weddings. Malaysia is ranked as the world’s 9th largest

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WAAT 1.0: Come! Let’s Play Together – Life, Dream, Fun Art Sharing

“Come! Let’s play together – Life, Dream, Fun Art Sharing •《来!艺起玩》生活,梦想,艺趣分享会!”

Thanks for Foo Yew Art Society inviting us to share joyful moment of Foon Yew 102 Years Birthday Celebration Carnival. Another conservation art event – <We Are All Together 1.0 – Endangered Species Conservation> was successfully bridged local art and academic community. We felt blessed and we wish students were deeply inspired from artists’ sharing, as well as the creative art works exhibition.

Date: August 23, 2015 (Sunday)
Venue: Foon Yew Independent High School, JB
Special Thanks:
(1) Jin Cong (Emcee)
(2) ShyHuey Pek (Craft Maker, Hand Sewing Book)
(3) Sean Lee (Illustrator)
(4) A-poh Paurine (Tattooist)

WAAT 1.0: Books Bartering & Art Market @ Sin Chew Daily HQ

“<好书交享阅>反应热 • 捐书换书 • 满载而归!” 迈入第三年的“好书交享阅”二手书活动,吸引不少爱书人络绎不绝前来八打灵再也星洲日报文化厅选书、捐书和换书,并从书海中找到自己的心头爱。 新闻全文(一):http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/1429727 新闻全文(二):http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/1430746

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WAAT 1.0: Endangered Species Conservation (Sshown Chang Solo Art Exhibition)