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“Lighten Your Life With Creativity”


“Lighten Your Life With Creativity • 这里是聚集本土创作的地方,让我们用创意点亮您的生活”

In response to a growing appeal in local artwork, CV was established in December 2013 to support and promote innovative works by local artists and art group, at the same time contributing in turning all innovative ideas into products. CV advocates the idea of “Lighten Your Life With Creativity” to arouse the enthusiasm and sympathy of the community towards local innovative works.

Besides, CV upholds the concept of supporting original, localized and diverse idea, striving to encourage and stimulate local artists in producing more innovative works. Within one year, CV has organized different types of painting activities and has successfully attracted a numbers of creative lovers to join their ranks of supporting local originality. This is not only a good start, indeed leading CV to a big step forward. There is finally a new horizon for local originality.

In the coming future, CV will continue to embrace the spread of local original work as it core task and will expand its field into more areas other than fine art illustration, including handicraft, music, film and photography. From design to manufacture, CV promises to construct mutual benefit for all.






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