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100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo

Kuala Lumpur, 13 November, 2013 – Come December, Japan’s most lovable anime character, Doraemon will be in Malaysia for a 100 days expo to meet with his die-hard fans here. The expo, the first of its kind in Malaysia is held to mark Doraemon’s 100th pre-birth year and is scheduled to open its door on Saturday, 14 December 2013 at Viva Home Expo Hall in Kuala Lumpur from 10am.

From there on the expo will run until 23 March 2014, thus Doraemon will be spending 100 days to be exact with his beloved Malaysian Manga fans and together will celebrate Visit Malaysia Year 2014 (VMY 2014). Doraemon is a Japanese animae tv series about an extremely intelligent robotic cat known as Doraemon from the future, that travels back into time to help a rather miserable, often bullied, hapless young boy named Nobita Nobi. Said to be born on September 3, 2112, Doraemon owns a magical pocket that allows him to conjure up thousands of different gadgets, tools and potions. Doraemon uses these very special tools to help get Nobita out of his sticky situation that arises in his daily life. It is this heroic nature of Doraemon that has lovingly endeared him to his millions of fans worldwide making him one of the top most popular cartoon characters internationally!

As this the first 100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo, to be held in South East Asia, Animation International (M) Sdn Bhd’s Director Mr Steve Chow that the company is delighted to get the full support and endorsement from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture’s Visit Malaysia Year 2014 Secretariat. “We hope with this great support, 100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo will able to attract and bring in more families with their children and Doraemon fans from our neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines”, said Mr Chow. Previous to this, the said Expo was also held in other Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Beijing and Taiwan and response to the Expo have been nothing but magically overwhelming especially from families. “Looking at the wonderful response gotten from the public towards this Expo in those countries, it is indeed our hope that via this mega 100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo, we will be able to share the same magical feeling of happiness, togetherness and bonding thus creating great family values for Doraemon’s Malaysian avid fans particularly families and their children”, said Mr Chow.

The expo will feature 100 life-size Doraemon figurines, 100 iconic gadgets and display of well-known scenes in Doraemon’s stories. Among the 100 variety magical tributes to the cartoon, the most impressive will be the 100 1.2m-high models of the earless feline lined up inside the exhibition hall. Each Doraemon figurine will be equipped with different and increasingly bizzare gadgets for which he is famous – from a ‘Magic Cloth’ that can reverse or fast-forward time to the ‘Take-copter’ a bamboo propeller that attaches to any part of your body and airlift you to safety to undoubted favourite “Time Machine”, that lets one travel through both time and space.

Visitors to the expo would also be able to bring home with them exclusive Doraemon merchandise as well as trying out Doraemon’s favourite snacks, dorayaki (red bean pancake), Memory Bread and many other Doraemon’s themed food and drinks at the special Doraemon Café, are among of the many highlights prepared for Doraemon’s die-hard fans.

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