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Endangered Species Conservation Campaign


“WE ARE ALL TOGETHER” #EndangeredSpecies Campaign 2015. Calling for all Malaysian artists, is time to showcase your creative art pieces on delivering the message of the endangered species conservation theme now.

Only selected artworks will be exhibiting in all our events and artist name and info will be credited. Read the campaign details as below:

Malaysia Endangered Species Conservation

(1) Artwork’s format is in JPEG format, A3 Size (300dpi). You are requested to “ZIP” or “RAR” your artworks and email to hello@creativevolts.com.my. Name & Contact Number is require in the email.

(2) No limitation on the drawing type and style. Each individual can submit more than 1 pcs. For hand draw artist please make sure you have a good scanner and email the great one to us.

• Orang Utan
• Sumatran Rhinoceros
• Sunda Pangolin
• Malayan Sun Bear
• Turtle
• Hornbill
• Proboscis Monkey (Nasalis Larvatus)
• Mouse Deer
• Malayan Tiger
• Sumatran Elephant
• Malayan Tapir

(1) Before May 1, 2015 (FRIDAY)

(1) All design must be authentic, should there be any plagiarism, the participation artwork will be revoked.
(2) No political, violence, sexual visual appear in the artwork.
(3) All submission will be showcasing in Creative Volts website and featured in online showcase.
(4) Only selected artwork will be exhibited and artist name will be credited.
(5) Artwork copyright is belong to owner.