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“只要能让父母过好日子,我宁愿把现有的画作卖掉,来赚取一点生活费……”。这是一个真实发生的故事。在拉杭新村华小就读5年级的淑君,从小热爱画画,在得知父亲陈有强(66岁)失业一周后,家庭经济陷入拮据,因此萌生了卖画来改善家庭贫困的念头。淑君的画作有着浓浓的情感,创作多来自生活的耳濡目染,笔触直接且真挚。嫦娥奔月、龟兔赛跑、河边钓鱼等, 希望大家能用行动告诉小淑君,生命总会有出口,而所有发生在她身上的事情,某天都会成为她生命中的宝藏。我只希望她能知道,尽管来自弱势的家庭,尽管世界有缺陷,然而,人间有爱。


因此《创意窝》与《海阳工作坊》协力帮助淑君解决家庭状况,把淑君的画印刷成明信片让更多的人可以播出他们的爱心把她的画带回去,希望更多善心人士以RM30来购买五张淑君画作明信片。创意窝会将所有款项扣除运输费后交给受惠者。在此也感谢PERCETAKAN NAPOLEON 的印刷赞助。


“I’m willing to sell my existing paintings in order to earn money and let my parents to live better……” This is a true story. There is a little girl loves painting so much since childhood. Her name is Shu Jun and now studying Standard Five in SRJK (C) Kg Baru Rahang. One day, she realized that her father, Chen You Jiang (66 years old) was totally unemployed for a week, and thus her families are having financial difficulties,. As a result, she decided to sell her paintings in order to earn money. Shu Jun’s paintings deliver a deep sense of emotion and sincerity. She gain ideas from her daily life, such as The Goddess Chang’s Fly to the Moon, The Race between Tortoise and Rabbit, River Fishing and so on. I really hope that your little action can let Shu Jun understands that for every problem there is a solution, no matter how hard life is one day would become her life’s treasures. We just want her to know that the world is still with love and hope.

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  1. Price: RM30 (included delivery fee),Malaysia only
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  3. Pls attach Bank Slip,name,  address, contact number to hello@creativevolts.com.my once transfer.
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