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Asia Illustrations Collections 2016



1. Asia Illustrations Collections 2016
The collections will include art pieces of 250 Asian illustrators and will be published internationally. General readers, companies, industries, will be able to contact illustrators directly via this project. The collections will be officially published in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan… all over Asia.

Electronic version of the collection will be published along with hard copies, as well as a mobile app and various digital publishing methods; Nominated illustrators will be further recognized by general public and companies.

By hosting art exhibitions in Taiwan and cross-border countries and regions, mass media press releasing, and public promotion… etc, illustrators’ work will be promoted, exchanged, and appreciated.

Contest Period
Wed, 15th Apr 15 | 00:00 – Fri, 10th July 15 | 23:59

Submission Period
Wed, 15th Apr 15 | 00:00 – Fri, 10th July 15  | 23:59

Winner Announced
Sun, 12th July 15 | 12:00
All Winner have to submit the 300dpi work before 20th July and email to hello@creativevolts.com.my

Contest Timezone
Asia/Taipei GMT +08:00

1.Entry fees
Free of charge.

2.Basic information
Real Name:
Pen Name: (Optional) Artist name (optional) if other than real name wish to be published.
Official Website or Fan Page: (Optional)
Profile: (Within 100 words written in Chinese or English, words exceeding the limit will be edited)

3.Submission Format:
Please provide the following and email to hello@creativevolts.com.my:
A. Personal Picture
Content: artist’s personal picture or self-portrait
Format: JPEG
Color system: CMYK
Size: 5 x 5cm
Resolution: 72dpi (Once nominated, please keep original file with 300 dpi for editing)

B. Signature
Content: Personal autograph or drawing
Format: JPEG
Color system: CMYK
Size: within 9 x 5.4 cm
Resolution: 72dpi (Once nominated, please keep original file with 300 dpi for editing)

C. 5 pieces of work
Theme: any theme is accepted. Application picture content please refer to remarks.
File name: Please name the work with less than 10 words.
Format: JPEG
Color system: CMYK
Size: 72.5 x 60.5 cm
Resolution: 72dpi (Once nominated, please keep original file with 300 dpi for editing)


1. Application graphic was not nominated for previous < Asia Illustrations Collections

2. Graphic must be for non-commercial use (not used for any commercial CM or usage)

3. All graphical contents of the book will be appeared on Asia Illustrations Collections related promotion, exhibition, PR activities and media.

4. Asia Illustrations Collections organizing committee has right of final decision regarding text editing, graphic location, paging order and number, truncation and page layout format et cetera.

5. Asia Illustrations Collections Organizing committee has right of final decision of publishing and exhibition location, time, and region.

6. The applicant must provide correct and real personal information; use of any forged information will result cancelling nomination without any fee returned. The applicant guarantees that the content is his/her own creation, and following regulations of copyright laws. If any violation of copyright occurred, applicant will be responsible for any legal consequences; the Asia Illustrations Collections organizers will not hold any responsibilities regarding copyright dispute.

7. The applicant has the right to his/her works. However, the applicant agrees that the organizers of the competition can, domestically and internationally, screen, broadcast, replicate, print, exhibit or post on websites the works free of charge in order to publish the results of the competition and advertise the project/exhibition. The applicant agrees that accepted works may be published in catalogs or media for the purpose of advertising the project free of charge.

8. After nomination, the applicant has the right to his/her works. However, the applicant shall not use nominated graphic to produce publication/ merchandise/ sales/ exhibition under the name of Asia Illustrations Collections without prior approval by the Organizer.

9.The works created by the applicant should not be violent, sexual, offensive to public order and morals.

10.Evaluation of works in Phase 1 will be carried by Asia Illustrations Collections Organizing committee; 5 professionals will be judging committees in Phase 2 to help evaluation.

11.In case of a major natural disaster or force majeure, the organizer, has the right to suspend or cancel the execution of this project.

12.If any outstanding dispute exist, organizing committee has right to revise and retain right to modify, change, cancelling of the project.

13.Unqualified application without further notice. No information will be given by the organizers to the applicant as to arrival of the submission, the content of it, progress or results of the selection/evaluation.

14.Personal information collected from the applicant by the organizers will be used for the evaluation of the works, identity check, project related contact, relative errands. Applicants unwilling to agree with information use may subject to have nomination cancelled.

15.Personal information collected from the applicant by the organizers will be used for promoting illustration with various commercial cooperation, invitational events, providing resource… etc., the organizer can use such information for contact or e-letter purpose.

16.The applicant is regarded as having agreed to all the rules and requirements in this guideline for application.

17.If the name <Asia Illustrations Collections preparation committee> is requested to be renamed by the hosting country/region government, renamed committee will inherit all rights and responsibilities of this project.